Chapel Path

The starting point for the 17 km long hiking trail is the parish church in Grossarl. The route leads mostly from the road on ascents and walks towards Hüttschlag. the you reach the church in Hüttschlag. We continue towards the end of the valley to the "Wolfau Chapel". the conclusion is the "Pertill Chapel" in the valley. It was built as a thank you for a happy homecoming from the Second World War and is to be used as the 11th chapel to encourage the hikers to say "Thank you".


The idea and the concept for the route are from Helga Zraunig from Hüttschlag. In a small brochure, the individual chapels together with the desiring wishes are described in detail, a map an detailed directions. The brochure is available free of charge from the Grossarltal Tourism Association and is also available in all churches and chapels along the way.