Hiking  "Tal der Almen"

Nowhere else in Salzburg is a valley that deserves the award of Europa Dorf more than Grossarl. Just arround the 40 huts are the hikers on the 400 km marked hiking trails and the 140 km signposted mountain biking trails with homemade delicacies.


While there is still peace in the valley, the dairies already have their hands on the pastures. From the delicious milk of happy cows, they prepare freh butter and delicious cheese. For this, even smoked bacon, fresh farm bread and traditional house sausages are served. A special feature is the typical "Sauerkäse" - a kind of gray cheese, which is made here only in the valley. Enjoy the taste of the Salzburg summer pasture and hearty hospitality "near the sky" during a break on the alpine pastures of Grossarl.


A special nature game can be experienced during the weekly sunrise walks. It is already a special moment of happiness to stand at the top and to see the sun more and more over the horizon. But not only for hikers the valley, which has about 4.700 inhabitants has something to offer: nature lovers are attracted by the picturesque and traffic - free valley at the foot of the Keeskogel, the highest mountain of the valley.